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Team Fortress 2
(too many to count, really, but here's my top 5)
:icontf2pyroplz: x :icontf2engineerplz:
:icontf2pyroplz: x :icontf2pyroplz:
:icontf2engineerplz: x :icontf2engineerplz:
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Left 4 Dead 2
:iconl4dnickplz: x :iconl4dellisplz: (adopted from DA-Adoption-Center)

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Seiken Densetsu 3 (Secret of Mana 2)
Seiken densetsu :duran by Hearteclipse x :thumb189443717: (adopted from DA-Adoption-Center)

Shade's Faves

My darling sweet wonderful and amazing pervy Ellis waifuu - but that isn't the sole reason she's in here. She is a wonderful artist, inspired and inspiring, drawing from My Little Pony to Left 4 Dead 2, with a dash of original art here and there. Her style is beautiful - DEFINITELY worth a look!!

An inspiration, a glorious woman, a fine TF2'er, an amazing writer, and with my kind of mind. Author of the unparalleled 'Sore Losers' (warning: contains Jarrod Dangerfeld) and drawer of the most amazing art which includes smut with my Gabriel Dantan. Also co-conspiratorinspirator of the TrossiDuelist short stories. Our fun dates back to the early, early days of my TF2'ing (halfway through 2011 methinks, that's almost 4 years now!) and the fun is never gonna stop, not until we're both old and grey and need an hour to get to our pc's to play together :D

An amazing artist, both as a writer and drawing-wise. A constant inspiration and motivation for me, driving me to be better, try more, and never to be untrue to what I want to do. The art kind of speaks for itself, so go take a look! I can guarantee you'll be hooked - I know I was!

Sweet, wonderful, with talents in so many fields I cannot even enumerate all of them! She's amazing as a writer, unparallelled in GMod and SFM, and her drawings are just wonderful! Worth a look any day!

An absolute wizard with GMod. She is able to set an atmosphere so well that it transcends the picture and oozes out of the screen. And her drawings rock as well, simple and beautiful... All in all, her work is wonderful and her gallery certainly merits a visit!

Cosplayer, writer, maker of fine drawings, and allround artist extraordinaire, it seems every day I find out more there is to like about him. It is impossible to describe him in a few words, so I'm not even going to try, afraid as I am of not doing him justice. Go pay his gallery a visit and find out for yourself just how versatile an artist he is!

Artist of '(This Is) The Worst Idea You Ever Had' (or TWIYEH for short) and 'Sin Pararse' - their style is simple yet effective, their story is compelling and their characters are so easy to identify with. A wonderful webcomic artist with great talent and skill!

The artist behind the FF6 comic, an appreciator of chickens, cooking, and an allround wonderful artist, her gallery will surprise and entertain you, and you'll always get a smile on your face when you see her art, as the style is simply charming.

Writer of 'Snowbowl', which is just the greatest, most suspenseful and breathtaking Team Fortress 2 story you will ever read - you should actually stop reading here and go read it right away, no dawdling!

Something to come here soon

...but for now, it's just empty...

List of story progress

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 16, 2015, 11:46 PM

--- The Story List ---

Check out this sexy rectangle Duelist on AO3

Facebook page for my writing progress can be found here

Shade now has a Soundcloud for her voice-acting sillyness, too.

Situation on: 13/02/2016 - General update of progress (writing so much sin rn!) - February will be Original Fiction month, with emphasis on the story I hope to get published! (someday...) well, woops, I discontinued and went back to fanfic.  And voicing.  OMH so much voicing!

Stories currently in progress:

- 'Sinner's Fire' (fandom TF2, length multichapter, progress +/-75%) - Pyro/Pyro, Scout/Scout, (former) Pyro/Scout, Engineer/Soldier, (former) Scout/Spy, (former) Pyro/Medic, (former) Pyro/Demoman, (former) Pyro/Sniper, threesome, foursome, alcohol abuse, suicide, depression, sex addiction, pyromania - TEMPORARILY ON HOLD

- 'Undertaint: What was sown...' (fandom Undertale, length multichapter, progress -10%) - Soriel, Alphyne, (implicit) Papyton, AU, slight body horror, physical and mental hardships, gore, violence, demonic possession, torture, madness, floof

- (rewrite) '(The Bound Reprise)' (fandom Lufia 2, length multichapter, progress -50%) - Dekar/Tia, (allusions to) Maxim/Tia and Dekar/Selan, depression, lovesickness, physical and mental hardships, possession, some gore, mostly floof

- 'Wild eyes' (fandom Lufia Curse of the Sinistrals) + 'Wicked grin' (fandom Lufia 2, length short/10chapter, progress -10%) - (allusions to) Maxim/Selan, Dekar/Tia, Guy/Jessy, physical and mental hardships, gore, power-hunger, madness and insanity, major character death

- 'Last Stop part 2' (fandom orig, length multichapter, progress -50%) - NaNoWriMo story 2015

- 'The high and the low of it' (fandom TF2, length short/10chapter, progress -25%) - Engineer/Pyro, Engineer/Soldier, Medic/Heavy, Pyro/Scout, AU, pyromania, psychical problems, emotional distress, infidelity, gender issues, self-image issues, fetishism, ridiculous amounts of floof

- 'The Lychfield Phenomena' (fandom orig/HPLovecraft-inspired, length short/10chapter, progress -10%)

- 'Good Night, Irene' (fandom TF2, length short/10chapter, progress -10%) - Engineer/OC, Engineer/Pyro (implied/inferenced), emotional distress, infidelity, depression, bad parenting, floof

-'Six Shining Stars' (fandom Undertale, length multichapter, progress -10%) - Sans/Toriel, Undyne/Alphys, (possibility of) Papyrus/Mettaton, AU, post-True Pacifist, mourning, worry, slight body horror, will have SO much floof, also will have slight NSFW

- 'What was sown' (fandom Undertale, length multichapter, progress -10%) - Sans/Toriel, Undyne/Alphys, (possibility of) Papyrus/Mettaton, AU, hardships, emotional stress, will have body horror, (references to) torture of all kinds, (slight) NSFW, and will generally contain a bad time...

RP currently in progress:

- Pandemonium (fandom TF2, RP partner trossidevil, fun level +100%) - inspiring a slew of shorts

Stories currently in the pipeline:

- (rewrite) 'Of Hard Hats and Baseball Bats' (fandom TF2, length multichapter) - Engineer/Scout, Spy/Sniper, Heavy/Medic, Pyro/Pyro, murder, torture, rape, psychological warfare

- '(Don't bother)' (fandom TF2, length multichapter) - Engineer/Pyro, (possibly) Engineer/Soldier, (possibly) Pyro/Demoman, split personality, gender issues, torture, psychological warfare, rape/dubious consent, bondage, pyromania, psychical problems, institutionalization, murder.

- '(The Long Road)' (fandom TF2, length multichapter) - Engineer/Pyro, Heavy/Pyro, Engineer/Spy, Medic/Demoman, infidelity and adultery, polyamory, psychological warfare

- 'We're going to need a bigger sleeping bag' (fandom TF2, length short/10chapter) - Pyro/Pyro, Pyro/Scout, Scout/Scout, threesome, foursome, four-plus, voyeurism

- '(Gone Fishin')' (fandom TF2, length short/10chapter) - Engineer/Soldier, reluctance

- 'Halves of a Whole' (fandom TF2, length short/10chapter) - Engineer/Pyro, alcohol abuse, torture, psychological warfare

- '(Punkin)' (fandom TF2, length short/10chapter) - Engineer/Pyro, Medic/Heavy, Medic/Sniper, psychical problems, torture, murder, psychological warfare

- '(...)' (fandom TF2, length short/10chapter) - Engineer/Pyro, short floof

- 'Explosive' (fandom TF2, length short/10chapter) - Demoman/Soldier, Pyro/Demoman, Engineer/Soldier, pyromania, reluctance, first time, emotional distress

- '(...)' (fandom TF2, length multichapter?) - Engineer/Pyro, prostitution, dubious consent, violence, misogyny, AU

- (rewrite) 'Dragounets' (fandom multi, length multichapter) - borderline depression, pyromania, psychological warfare

Stories currently on hold/hiatus:

- (rewrite) 'Where there's smoke...' (fandom TF2, length multichapter, progress -10%) - Pyro/Spy, psychological warfare, murder, attempted murder

- 'Safety' (fandom L4D2, length multichapter, progress +75%)

- 'Mirror of Souls' (fandom SD3, length multichapter, progress +75%)

- '(Struck twice)' (fandom L4D2, length multichapter, progress -10%)

- 'Sweet nothing' (fandom L4D2, length multichapter, progress 0%)

- 'Seven hundred years later' (fandom WALL-E, length multichapter, progress -50%)

- 'Tales of magic and malice' (fandom NWN2, length multichapter, progress -50%)

- 'Dance of the curse' (fandom NWN2, length multichapter, progress -10%)

Stories finished:

- 'The Strongest Love' (fandom Lufia Curse of the Sinistrals, length short/10chapter)

- 'Like a bolt of lightning' (fandom TF2, length multichapter) + spinoffs 'Bandaged'/'Caramel'/'Just once...'/'Heaven in your smile'/'You are standing...'/'Dantan's Inferno'/'Phase Three' (fandom TF2, length short/10chapter)

- spinoffs of 'Sinner's Fire' & crossovers with 'Sore Losers' by trossidevil - aka trossiduelist stories: 'Evaluation Days'/'...--...'/'High Scores' (fandom TF2, length short/10chapter)

- spinoffs of 'Of Hard Hats & Baseball Bats' & crossovers with 'Sore Losers' by trossidevil - aka more trossiduelist stories: 'Under Cover'/'The Gift of Giving' (fandom TF2, length short/10chapter)

- spinoffs/crossovers with 'Sinner's Fire', 'Of Hard Hats & Baseball Bats' and 'Sore Losers' by trossidevil - aka even more trossiduelist stories: 'Party Time'/'High Scores' (fandom TF2, length short/10chapter)

- spinoffs/crossovers of ALL my stories and of 'Sore Losers' by trossidevil - aka when do the trossiduelist stories end: 'Play Hard and Play Rough'/'Play for Keeps'/'Underrated X' (fandom TF2 (well kinda), length short/10chapter)

- TF2 shorts unrelated to a bigger story: 'Defeat'/'Tranquility'/'Dessert'/'For a long time'/'Meteor Showers'/'Fleeting Hunger, Lasting Appetite'/'Oh Zhanno, My Zhanno'/'By the Fire Light' (fandom TF2, length short/10chapter)

- Lufia shorts: 'Evening'/'Energy'/'Fairytale Romance'/'Swayed' (fandom Lufia, length short/10chapter)

- Undertale shorts: 'Besties'/That's what friends are for'/'The Noodle Incident'/'Going off script' (fandom Undertale, length short/10chapter)

- holiday-themed shorts: 'Moonlight Magic' (fandom TF2) + 'The best damn Easter'/'A tale of ghostly redemption'/'I don't believe in Christmas miracles' (fandom L4D2) + ''tis the season to be blushing' parts 1-2-3-3 1/2 (fandom Undertale)

- L4D2 short stories: 'Movie Makebelief'/'You make me so achy'/'Three-Player Game'/'Heatwave'/'Pulse'/'Falling, falling, fallen'/'Love can make you cruel'/'No excuses'/'What a way to start a vacation...'/'Happy birthday, Ellis'/'Heat'/'10 Easy Steps to Win the Heart of your Dreamgirl before you're shot by Survivors' (fandom L4D2, length short/10chapter)

- Avengers-inspired shorts: 'Unconventional' (fandom Marvel, length short/10chapter) + 'Meetings in Stark Tower' (fandom Marvel/L4D2, length short/10chapter)

- Doctor Who-inspired shorts: 'Ravaged' (fandom Dr Who, length short/10chapter)

- Supernatural-inspired shorts: 'I ask but this of you'/'Understanding' (fandom SPN, length short/10chapter)

- 'As the nights pass' (fandom NWN2, length multichapter)

- 'All's Fair in Love and War' (fandom NWN2, length multichapter)

- 'To be loved and To love in return' (fandom FF6, length multichapter)

- (unposted) 'How the world fares' (fandom SSBB, length short/10chapter)

- 'Things you do not wish to...' (fandom AlphaCentauri, length multichapter)

- (unposted) 'Yoshi's Story' (fandom Yoshi, length short/10chapter)

- (unposted) '(The Edge of Sanity)' (fandom Eternal Darkness, length multichapter)

- (unposted) 'Always an adventure' (fandom Dr Who, length short/10chapter)


My SFM video (crappy, I know, but I had fun making it!):


Support Shade-Duelist on Patreon and get sneak peeks, extra benefits and help your artist build a website of her own!

~Don't worry, I'll make your last moments... absolutely beautiful! ♥~

...Thank you, Trossi, for this journal layout, I'm lovin' it!

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Rebekka S
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My name is Shade-Duelist. I am a Duelist for this extraordinary deity: Shade by likelikes

I am a woman of not many talents. I love to write - it's my life and joy - and I love working with DAZ Studio making really horrendously stupid renders of things no one ever looks at anyways. I love my watchers because let's face it, they're awesome in their own special ways, all of them. ...I am a wiseass, I have no humor and I am completely and utterly random.

Art... by prosaix :iconmishacollins-plz: I am a Misha Minion and avid Mishappreciator.

Engie x Pyro Plush Buddies by theartslave Texas Toast: Because it makes sense. Wanna make me happy? Send me all the TT you can find! Make new Texas Toast for the world to appreciate! We'll be Texas Toasters together! :D

Team Fortress 2: Pyro Pagedoll by serpchi P-p-p-pyromaaaaaaaniaaaaaa!!
I Main the Pyro Stamp by Disdainful-Loni I Main the Engineer Stamp by Disdainful-Loni and I sing under the shower, too: Erectin' a Stamp by KittyTheNekoAlien

:iconamongststars: Finished works: see my journal entry, up there... :iconamongststars:

Current Residence: Brasschaat, Belgium
Favourite genre of music: Happy Hardcore!
Favourite photographer: TonyCorey (beware: nude photography!)
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Wallpaper of choice: The commission I had kytri do.
Personal Quote: "Don't let your legs stop you... dance with your arms, dance with your heart!"

The old archive of fan fictions is at… and there's a new repository at…

All of my fanfiction greatness is also available on AO3: ShadeDuelist's repository - save for a few stories that are only accessible to those that back me on Patreon.



Important question! Mettablook (Underswapped Mettaton) 's house looks... 

3 deviants said Napstablook's house, but with more pink!
2 deviants said it does normally!
1 deviant said it does normally, but with less glitter!
No deviants said ...completely different (comment for suggestions)!


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