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The great big 2014 NaNoWriMo update journal

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 1, 2014, 2:57 PM

*I will update this journal daily if I can, or weekly if I can't manage daily.  Each new update will come with a notification on your dash, my dear faithful readers.  Even if it'll just be a word count and a short little update.*

Nov 20th: 50.757 words total.  As of today I'm officially a winner, yeehaw!  Other than that, not much to mention.  Have a new game (Ziggurat) at which to suck, have a new app (SFM) at which to suck, and I am going to write a little bit of fanfic and a little bit of RP now.  Dwiiiiiiiight.  Gabriiiieeeeellllll.  Mes deux doux.  J'aime beaucoup.  Love y'all, boys.
For those that haven't yet seen it: Evaluation Days part 3 is out.  It has all the, uh, fun XD

Nov 16th: 40.320 words total.  Fanfiction writing was nonexistant this week and I procrastinated a lot.  Then again, I RP'ed a lot too so maybe my focus was just elsewhere.  I'm getting a grip on my household chores again today/tomorrow/next week but I promise to dedicate attention to my fanfics as well.  I've discovered that Gabriel has an incredible kink for dirty talk during sex just now (it's lovely to write, ahem, that doesn't mean a thing of course) and I've discovered that Dwight miiiiiiight be bisexual and not outright gay.  (Oh Dwight, how I love thee, you keep surprising me more and more every day - ohey Trossi, there might be a surprise guest in 'Party Time' XD guess whooooo...)  So, uh, stay tuned.  Also, ehehe, part 3 of 'Evaluation Days' is coming up this Wednesday *nudges trossidevil and grins broadly* so yeeeaaah...

Nov 8th PM: 20.550 words total.  Today I want to write at least a page on 'Sinner's Fire' and, if I can still manage it, a paragraph on 'Party Time'.  Get all of the magic starting.  And I'm in the mood for writing something dirty, too.  Maybe write a little Joel and Refial plotless drabble to get it out of my system.  (For those that don't know Joel and Refial, I have only one word: 'Dessert'.  Go read.)  ...Or maybe I should do my ironing :blush: my husband won't stand for me abandoning my household chores...

Nov 8th AM: 17.657 words total.  No fanfic writing yesterday but there was fitness and some TF2'ing.  And a LOT of RP'ing with my darlin' :trossidevil:.  I'll just have to find a way to include Gabe on the misbehaving... hehe, I'll think of something good, as I always do...  Today, household chores, but first my obligatory 2.500 daily words quota!

Nov 6th AM: 15.001 words total.  Fanfic writing's still going okay next to my novel writing - didn't write more 'Party Time' but I'm introducing a new friend/utensil in 'Sinner's Fire' XD and that's got me all hyped to write more.  Yesterday was a tiring day, though, so I fell asleep on the sofa while writing.  And after that, I still wanted to game some.  I had a ton of fun playing with meikahidenori who is an awesome Demoman.  Also, I discovered that I'm not half bad as Battle Engie. AAAAAAND trossidevil and I are going to behave very badly :mwahaha: and that, my darlin', is a solemn promise.  Cross my burning heart and hope to die by Axtinguisher.

Nov 2nd: 5.216 words total.  And I still managed to write two pages of 'Sinner's Fire' and the first page-or-so of 'Party Time'.  Life is good.  The real test comes tomorrow, when I've got work, household and fitness to combine with the writing.  I have no doubt I'll manage the 2.500-words-per-day quota but I may not manage to write fanfic as well.  It'll make me sad to not give Gabriel any attention... but ah well...

Nov 1st: 2.585 words total.  It's the start of a new part, so I'm thrilled.  I also wrote about half a page on 'Sinner's Fire', for which I feel guilty (I should've written mooooore!) and I re-checked which was the third story I promised trossidevil to write again.  I promised her greasy, greasy smut sandwiched in the fluffiest fluff - subject is, until further notice, classified.  But rest assured it'll be amazing.


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~Ghhhhth nnnnghth, drrrmnnnsh~

...Thank you, Trossi, for this journal layout, I'm lovin' it!

Story writing list: 
- Sinner's Fire (AU fic of 'Like a bolt of lightning', TF2 fic)
- (Don't bother) (more TF2 fic)
- Evaluation Day + Party Time + (...) (smaller TF2 fic projects for trossidevil)
- Rewrites of 'Of Hard Hats and Baseball Bats' and 'Where there's smoke...' (TF2 fics - I'm beginning to see a trend here)
- Safety (on hold in favor of others - mainly Gabriel's fault)
- Last Stop (workin' on it!)
- (...) (untitled Doctor Who fic!)


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  • Watching: hot topless Jarrod on my mobile ;p
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Rebekka S
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I Main the Pyro Stamp by Disdainful-Loni I Main the Engineer Stamp by Disdainful-Loni and I sing under the shower, too: Erectin' a Stamp by KittyTheNekoAlien

I am a woman of not many talents. I love to write - it's my life and joy - and I love working with DAZ Studio making really horrendously stupid renders of things no one ever looks at anyways. I love my watchers because let's face it, they're awesome in their own special ways, all of them. ...I am a wiseass, I have no humor and I am completely and utterly random.

:iconamongststars: Finished works: 8 'long' stories (more than 1 chapter) and 38 short stories :iconamongststars:

Current Residence: Brasschaat, Belgium
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Wallpaper of choice: The commission I had kytri do.
Personal Quote: "Don't let your legs stop you... dance with your arms, dance with your heart!"

The old archive of fan fictions is at… and there's a new repository at…
My many tumblrs:
my TF2 Pyro OCs (Samantha Tennant and Gabriel Dantan) ask/RP/appreciation blog - my TF2 Engineer OC Dwight Markham - Hyper - aka the biggest Mary Sue TF2 Pyro OC you'll find - my 4 TF2 Pyro OCs workblog for Team Fortress Industries (a modern roleplay setting)
Ask Duran, my favourite fighter!
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My army of Ellises:
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And then there's...
:icontrossidevil: - Castiel to my Dean / supports JarrodXGabriel / amazing person
:iconjonaxdrayda: - loves my hugs, the Witch Hunter to my Smoker-rificness, and teases me in Minecraft
:iconthenaitsyrk: - Sass-tiel and just plain amazing dude. With a trenchcoat. And a face stuck in 'bewildered' mode.
:iconnayoh: - sweet like sugar and shining like a constellation.
:iconanonymk: - Trev-tastic man that is the platonic and utterly brotherly love of my life :D

Shade's Faves

My darling sweet wonderful and amazing pervy Ellis waifuu - but that isn't the sole reason she's in here. She is a wonderful artist, inspired and inspiring, drawing from My Little Pony to Left 4 Dead 2, with a dash of original art here and there. Her style is beautiful - DEFINITELY worth a look!!

Ellis is an amazing guy, a great roleplayer (we roleplay Nellis together, and it's always amazing, no matter how short or long we explore a specific setting) and - honestly - one of the most talented artists I've come across to date. I mean it, his art... has this kind of darker edge, even his more recent MLP stuff, but it's invariably amazing. (Not to mention I've seen him draw and he's just... he seems to draw the art out of the empty paper. I love watching him create, it's wondrous, almost magical) Go give his gallery a look!!

An amazing artist, both as a writer and drawing-wise. A constant inspiration and motivation for me, driving me to be better, try more, and never to be untrue to what I want to do. The art kind of speaks for itself, so go take a look! I can guarantee you'll be hooked - I know I was!

Sweet, wonderful, with talents in so many fields I cannot even enumerate all of them! She's amazing as a writer, unparallelled in GMod and SFM, and her drawings are just wonderful! Worth a look any day!

'Blind Man's Bluff' - that kind of says it all. A series so wonderfully well-written, so suspenseful, filled with emotions and action and... well, everything a reader craves, including the things you didn't even KNOW you craved. Start reading right away!

An absolute wizard with GMod. She is able to set an atmosphere so well that it transcends the picture and oozes out of the screen. And her drawings rock as well, simple and beautiful... All in all, her work is wonderful and her gallery certainly merits a visit!

Cosplayer, writer, maker of fine drawings, and allround artist extraordinaire, it seems every day I find out more there is to like about him. It is impossible to describe him in a few words, so I'm not even going to try, afraid as I am of not doing him justice. Go pay his gallery a visit and find out for yourself just how versatile an artist he is!

Artist of '(This Is) The Worst Idea You Ever Had' (or TWIYEH for short) and 'Sin Pararse' - her style is simple yet effective, her story is compelling and her characters are so easy to identify with. A wonderful webcomic artist with great talent and skill!

The artist behind the FF6 comic, an appreciator of chickens, cooking, and an allround wonderful artist, her gallery will surprise and entertain you, and you'll always get a smile on your face when you see her art, as the style is simply charming.

Writer of 'Snowbowl', which is just the greatest, most suspenseful and breathtaking Team Fortress 2 story you will ever read - you should actually stop reading here and go read it right away, no dawdling!


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